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Jul 12, 2012 8:00pm PDT
development center. his son of voiced his strong opinions on cnn. >> this report is not a legal document. the burden of proof is lower than it would be if this was a legal case. there are really no new facts in this situation. >> for china did safe, with the benefit of hindsight a wish i would have done more. gary ravitch will have more coming up. >>catherine: a man initially arrested in the beating of bryan stowe and and later cleared is now suing the los angeles police department for defamation. ramirez filed a lawsuit yesterday, he was arrested and never charged. all of his lawyers insisted he had never even been to the stadium. this is him at the stadium in april. for months police argued they had arrested the right suspect. two other men have since been arrested and charged. >> pablo sandoval is not likely to face charges in connection with an elected sexual assault. the sheriff's department investigated that there is insufficient evidence for it local woman claims she was sexually assaulted at a local resort back on june 1st. the case has not been afforded to the district attorney'
Jul 21, 2012 8:00pm PDT
bush and that was a pretty long time ago. sean perlman, cnn. >> 100,000 americans killed by firearms every year. and guns seem to be virtually untouchable by laws in the u.s.. >> triple digit temperatures. and hot for this saturday. 80s by the bay. cooler for tomorrow. >> the gun control is no up for debate. from the united states has more and more per capita. a one-third of the entire world guns are owned by americans it is a love affair. with a constitutional right to bear arms but it is not likely to change. jonathan mann. >> norway has learned that america is hardly unique. a gunman was arrested one year ago after 69 people were shot at a summer camp. belgium has also learned that america is hardly unique. that gunmen wounded 100 in this city last the summer before shooting himself. however america is the reference point it seems to be where the whole world thinks when ordinary people use guns for grotesque backs of violence. mayor michael bloomberg. >> i can tell you that i do not think that there is any other developed country in the world that has remotely problem that we have
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2